Air Conditioned Storage Units Glendale, AZ

Air Conditioned Storage Units Glendale

Air Conditioned Storage Units

When it comes to your belongings you can’t be too careful. Your money and time are a valuable resource, and purchasing something only to see its condition degrade in storage can be heartbreaking. That’s not to mention items where the sentimental value vastly outweighs the monetary, like family heirlooms and antiques. Storing these in a standard storage unit can put them at risk, and that’s why Desert Gardens Mini-Storage offers the best Air Conditioned Storage Units in Glendale Arizona.

We’ve got Air Conditioned Storage Units as small as 5 X 5 and as large as 10 X 20, so no matter what you need to store, we’ll have a unit that meets your needs.

Air Conditioned Storage Units GlendaleWhat makes Air Conditioned Storage Units different?

  • Temperature Control

    • Desert Gardens Mini-Storage‘s Glendale AZ Air Conditioned Storage Units are climate controlled. With the sweltering days and cool nights Arizona is known for, these extreme temperature fluxes can wreak havoc on a number of delicate items. Temperature fluxes can cause harm to wood and leather, and damage pictures and documents beyond use. Temperature can also have an impact on metal appliance as well as bedding, mattresses and sports equipment.
    • We keep our storage units in Glendale temperature controlled, and our units at an ideal temperature of between 76 and 78 degrees, drastically reducing the risk of permanent damage to your valuables due to temperature shifts.
  • Humidity Control

    • Humidity can play a massive role when it comes to the degradation of your valuables. It can cause electronics to rust, artwork to lose color or mold, and wood furniture to warp.
    • Our air conditioned storage units are climate controlled, so that you don’t have worry about your belongings being in anything other than the same condition you left them.

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Best of all are our prices. With some of the best rates in the area, we’re so confident in the services we offer that if you find a better price on a similar storage unit within 5 miles of us, we’ll gladly match it. So give Desert Gardens Mini Storage a call today (623) 298-4100, and let us make it easy to find the unit that’s right for you!

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